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Your generosity in supporting our Xmas Day project gives us the opportunity of building greater relationships from our Jewish Community with the Wider Community.

To mobilise thousands of volunteers across the three largest Jewish Communities who will spend Xmas morning visiting the scores of locations sharing the message of togetherness is something more vital now than ever before.

All monies received are solely dedicated toward the #atimetosaythankyou project and any surplus (the dream!!) funds are used to purchase any needed equipment for the Children’s wards. In 2022, we were able to purchase PlayStations, Ipads, Tonie Boxes and countless games, things the hospitals only dream about having. In a sense, #atimetosaythankyou starts with a day of thanks and recognition and hopefully concludes with a year’s worth of support to those in need.

Please please support us

A Time to Say Thank You FROM US for your generous donation